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Top 3 Administrator “Need-To-Knows”

Top 3 Administrator “Need to Knows” to Maximize Student Outcomes We are firm believers that while authentic inclusion may feel like a Sisyphean task, we can get there – and we will.  That takes everyone in the school community doing their part.  From special educators to classroom and specials teachers, after school providers, and perhaps most importantly administrators.  Yes, You!  Probably not that big of a surprise, but leaders are the lynchpin to living the […]

Summer Fun Syllabus for Teachers

It’s time to pack it in for the summer. Get those decorations (that are now looking a little worse for wear) off the walls, empty your seventy-five pound briefcase (or wheely backpack if you’ve embraced that look), and take a deep breath. Once you’ve given yourself some time to shake off the absolute weight of this year, it’s time for some wellness! What we have here is your 6-week Summer Fun Syllabus. We take it […]

Pin It To Win It

Ever feel overwhelmed because you can’t figure out that perfect activity to engage your students after a long spring break?  Fret No Longer!!! Here at The Ability Challenge, we’re pleased to officially announce our new Pinterest page. These boards offer teachers, administrators, policymakers, other members of our community looking for inspiration a single location for ideas, resources, and articles about creating more inclusive education for young people.  Current boards cover topics such as: Back from […]