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Classroom Behavior Woes? Try a Communication Roadmap

How many times have we heard teachers describing classroom behavior: “It’s so hard to manage the behavior of my students with disabilities”?  Ok, trick question.  After decades of working on disability, due process, and classroom strategies, the answer is…a lot.  Right now, student behavior is all over the place.  Here are a few frequent scenarios:  One or two children who are disrupting learning, taking time away from other children getting the help they need.   During […]

The IEP: What Classroom and Specials Teachers REALLY Need to Know

You’re back to school, the early mornings are becoming more routine, and you’re starting to get to know the students in your building.  This season, in a good year, may feel chaotic, but at least there is usually rhythm in that noise.  Not so, this year.  Like last year, we’re heading into a second year with more unknowns.  It can feel hard to get your bearings.  Look no further, we’ve got some suggestions to kick-start […]

Mindfulness: More than an Empty Buzzword

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, and I am the summer intern for The Ability Challenge. One of the topics I focused on this summer is mindfulness and how it can be used in a classroom of diverse learners. While mindfulness may seem like a buzzword these days, it is a critical piece to creating inclusive learning environments, for both students and educators.  Throughout my research, it became clear that even a few moments dedicated […]

What’s the Difference Between an IEP and a 504 Plan?

What’s the Difference Between an IEP and a 504 Plan? We’ve heard it over and over, what’s the difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan? Well, wonder no longer!  Your answer is here.  Today, it is estimated that one in five public school students has a disability.  This includes: Students with disabilities who qualify for services under IDEA (14% of public school students); Students with disabilities who qualify for services under Section 504 (2% […]