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First Steps toward Special Education School Improvement

Ever wonder how schools use data to make decisions about special education programming?  Well, the short answer is that they don’t. Understanding and addressing this disconnect is a key component of our work here at The Ability Challenge (ABC).   Last summer, we surveyed schools from across the country to learn how they use (or fail to use) data to make special education programming decisions. As highlighted in our new publication, Opportunity Accelerated: Exploring the Connection […]

Announcing ABC’s Framework

Our First BIG Challenge… In February and November of 2018, ABC brought together experts, educators, parents, and community members from around the country to develop the Framework for Special Education Quality, describing a new approach to high-quality special education programming.   Our starting point: If we want to identify promising practices for supporting diverse learners, we first need to know what we mean by “high-quality.” This is a critical move as we redefine special education improvement […]

My 2018 Resolution? Get Started.

Our Students with Disabilities Deserve More. Fifteen months ago, I uprooted my family, returning to my hometown of Washington, DC to build my professional identity as an education consultant. One week later, on November 8th, 2016, our country entered a “new normal” and what began as a necessary mindset shift soon became a deep reflection about my role in the greater education reform community. I’m driven to help make our schools more efficient on behalf […]