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Add your voice to our dedicated group of educators, parents, and others who are passionate about driving change.

Three Ways to Join the Challenge


We partner with school and district teams who are looking to build systems of collaboration where they may not already exist and/or are interested in more customized and personalized supports to transform the way educators collaborate to identify and meet student needs.  

ABC will help build skills and process in three areas:

  • Administrators will work to create the conditions and policies to support collaboration; 
  • Teachers will be trained to authentically engage in the special education process including developing expertise to understand how disability impacts behavior and learning; and
  • All members of the school community will engage with tools to identify student needs and tailor instruction.


Our facebook group, Special Education Systems Transformation, is a community of diverse stakeholders passionate about making school systems and processes better for all students, especially students with diverse learning needs. This group brings change-makers together to share ideas about transformative school improvement and initiatives that impact educational outcomes for all students. Members aim to move past compliance to provide high-quality programming for all.  


ABC creates resources and tools to benefit the special education community.  To be the first to know when more new tools are announced, sign up for ABC’s email newsletter.

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