• Seeking Equity for All Learners

Transformative school practice calls for a comprehensive approach. ABC has engaged in substantial research, as well as hundreds of conversations with practitioners, experts, and other education stakeholders to design our supports and offerings.  


Announcing ABC's new Managing Director of Program, Kristen Briggs

Kristen N. Briggs is joining the ABC team as our founding Managing Director of Program!  In this role, Kristen will build on the dynamic work that we launched with our pilot and guide ABC through a period of refining and thoughtfully codifying our program with an eye for scaling our work. 

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ABC is focused on providing concrete and actionable tools to the educator community.  Here are a few of our highest rated free tools:

The COVID Recovery Planning with Equity Online Learning Series provides two, free, self-paced modules with video micro-lessons and easy-to-implement activities to use with school leadership teams.

Specially Designed Instruction Key Determinations Checklist presents a roadmap for equitable lesson planning in hybrid and in-person settings.

The Diverse Learner Profile provides probing questions to better understand what motivates learners with an eye toward connecting and best meeting their needs.

The IEP vs. 504 Plan At-A-Glance document provides a high-level overview of the important differences between these two types of student plans.

IEP Review Tool for Classroom Teachers is a quick worksheet to transform individual student services into classroom-wide impact.

Parent Interview Starter Prompts offers a set of questions to deepen connections with families.

Opportunity Accelerated

In Summer 2018, ABC conducted a national survey to understand how schools collect, analyze, and use data to inform their decision-making and programming for students with disabilities. With 527 analyzed responses across a diverse group of school types, sizes, geography, and approaches to special education, many trends emerge. Our White Paper, Opportunity Accelerated: Exploring the Connection between Data Collection, Special Education Programming, and Improved Outcomes, highlights those trends, illuminates key drivers for special education improvement, and describes how ABC is solving some of the critical challenges faced by schools today.

Meeting the needs of our most diverse learners helps all students achieve.