• Building the Movement

Our products and services improve special education by focusing on building targeted collaboration – ABC’s research-based approach to frequent, high-quality interactions among educators for sharing ideas and information about students.   

Educators are empowered to:

  1. Bring their unique expertise to the table;
  2. Better tailor instruction to meet the individualized needs of diverse learners; and
  3. Reinforce behaviors that embrace high expectations, high standards, and a growth mindset for all.

Improved targeted collaboration enables teams to operate with intentionality, include multiple perspectives in planning, and build coherence and alignment across programming.  Incorporating ABC’s products and services helps schools work smarter to implement equitable systems that support all students. 

Watch this Video to Learn More About Targeted Collaboration


Targeted Collaboration for Impact training gives educators the skills necessary to authentically engage with the special education process and better understand how to identify and meet the needs of students with diverse learning needs in the classroom. After this training, educators will be ready to serve in a co-teaching or inclusion setting, work with their colleagues to improve how special education is delivered, and partner with parents to meaningfully involve them in the education process.  Our five part series can be purchased individually or as a complete course.  Facilitated cohorts launch this fall!


School bundles combine the best of ABC’s training with continuous improvement support to support the development of successful targeted collaboration habits.  ABC works with partner schools and districts to set up the processes necessary for focusing on improvement, provides our proprietary web application, Hoppr, to support the development of quality interactions, and facilitates regular and ongoing data analysis and reflection.  Based on the latest research about how to build better habits, Hoppr’s unique combination of activities enables educators to effortlessly determine what’s working, what’s not, and what might be adjusted going forward.  With Hoppr’s insights and knowledge generated from ABC’s professional development, educators are able to make small changes that have a big impact on their practice.


With decades of experience in education focused on program design, the ABC team offers customized consulting services for schools looking for tailored and individualized advisory and support.  Examples of projects include design of program evaluation tools; manual or guidance document drafting; development or adjustment of remote learning plans to meet the needs of students with disabilities; settlement implementation support; training related to discipline, due process and disability; and more.  We will gladly work with you to develop a proposal and project that meets your needs.


Meeting the needs of our most diverse learners helps all students achieve.